Wichtig Publishing was established in Italy by the nephrologist Diego Brancaccio nearly 40 years ago, with an ambition to publish niche specialty medical journals and books with a personal service that would be unmatched anywhere in the world. Ever mindful of the guiding principle instilled in the company name (from the German word for ‘importance’), we are now growing with the objective to become a global player, but we never forget the importance of personal attention, accountability and service. This is expressed in a ‘concierge’ style of service, where every stakeholder need is treated with the highest importance and met with care.


Wichtig’s first niche peer-reviewed journal, The International Journal of Artificial Organs (IJAO) has developed to become one of the most influential publications in its field. Titles launched subsequently have emulated the success of IJAO in their own niche areas, most notably the European Journal of Ophthalmology (EJO), The International Journal of Biological Markers (IJBM), Hip International (HIP), The Journal of Vascular Access (JVA) and several other Journals in different specialty areas. In each of these core fields we engage our network of scientific and medical education experts to promote and foster scientific seminars and workshops.

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