Ovid Technologies is an internationally recognized leader of electronic medical, scientific, and academic research information solutions. By providing a customizable suite of content, tools and services, Ovid supports the diverse research needs of its 13 million users worldwide – academic, medical, and corporate professionals and students seeking fast, accurate answers to important questions that help to fuel discoveries, explore topics, or research new theories.

We help make research smarter, faster, and more effective by providing powerful information search and discovery platforms (OvidSP and SilverPlatter) to access premier electronic content, including a growing list of 1,200 journals, over 500 books, and more than 200 databases, with innovative technology tools and specialized services to browse, search, retrieve, and analyze critical information.

Founded in 1988, Ovid is used across the globe by librarians, researchers, clinicians and students from leading colleges and universities; medical schools; academic research libraries and library consortia; hospitals and healthcare systems; pharmaceutical, engineering, and biotechnology companies; and HMOs and clinical practices. In North America alone, Ovid is used by 93% of medical libraries, 97% of teaching hospitals, and 87% of U.S. hospitals with more than 200 beds, as well as the top 30 pharmaceutical companies.

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