Binumi is a unique video platform that empowers individuals and businesses of any size to take control of their communication by providing the tools to unlock, create and share compelling stories that can build opportunity and growth for their business.

Binumi enables anyone to create, shape and share ideas, information and stories by providing a library of over 3 million royalty-free multi-media clips and easy to use editing tools combined with a comprehensive content management solution.

Binumi allows users to create, control and distribute their standalone videos or mix and match their content with our royalty-free footage, images and background music.

“A truly captivating and motivating story can change the direction of a business and the way people feel about a brand. Storytelling has been around for as long as humans can communicate but the rise of self-expression through technology has made audiences hungry for constant stimulation of the mind. Binumi is a game-changer for businesses to unlock their inner potential to express themselves” – Anthony Copping | Founder CEO

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