Here are some of the exciting features you will find on

Federated Search – All the medical Access products that you subscribe to will be organized into one federated collection, eliminating the need to search across multiple sites. Finding information from more than 180 titles, including Harrison’sCMDTSchwartz’s Principles of Surgery, Tintinalli’s Emergency MedicinePharmacotherapy: A Pathophysiologic Approach, and more will be easier and faster, giving you more time to dedicate to patients, research, or studies

Greater Personalization – Access saved content, quizzes, and more, across all subscriptions using your MyAccess profile.

Log In Remotely Using Just Your MyAccess Profile– No VPNs or extra logins required! Simply complete a MyAccess profile while logged in to your institutional subscription to access our content whenever and wherever you are.

Responsive Design for Mobile – The browser automatically adapts to the device being used, ensuring a great viewing experience no matter what device is used.

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